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Referral process and FEES

Medicare ONLY

Counselling Sessions are provided under Medicare Bulk Billing or via Victims Services for Victims of Crime. 

I have recently ceased providing counselling via any other funding sources due to my capacity being limited.




My counselling support is provided to those who have a referral to see me from their GP and a mental health treatment plan. Usually, a person is eligible for up to ten sessions per calendar year. Having a mental health treatment plan via your GP enables you to have your sessions bulk billed to Medicare. A person may not need to use all of the sessions as it depends on their level of need. 


I am a registered Medicare provider.  Fees are charged according to Medicare's Fees Schedule for Social Workers. 


Victims of Crime

I work with Victims of Crime who have been approved for counselling via Victims Services. 


Referral Process

Contact your medical centre and make an appointment to see your GP. Let the receptionist know that you require a consultation for the purpose of being referred to a counsellor.    

Ideally, most of the people I see have gone to their doctor and have obtained a mental health treatment plan, and then the doctor arranges for the treatment plan to be emailed to me. I then contact the person with the plan and schedule an appointment. A person can contact me directly to schedule an appointment but they must have a referral from their GP or be prepared to obtain one. I will confirm that you have a referral and mental health treatment plan before an appointment is scheduled.  


At your initial consultation with me I will need your Medicare details so bring your Medicare card or provide a picture of your card. 

I do not accept cash. I bulk bill only as the method of payment for my service.       

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